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The ONLY way to KNOW is to measure.

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Our Radiation Protection Advisor has over 35 years’ experience and is fully accredited and a chartered radiation protection professional.

The Housing Act, supported by the Housing Health and Safety Rating System, identifies Radon as a specific hazard that needs to be addressed by Landlords.

The Health and Safety at Work Act, supported by the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 (to be revised on 1st January 2018 to Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017) places a number of requirements on Employers; the simplest of which is a risk assessment but also includes Legal Limits of Radon gas in the working environment (IRR(99) - 400Bqm3 averaged over an 8 hour period; IRR(17) - 300 Bq m3 averaged over a calendar year).

Where there is a known risk of Radon gas being a problem (large swathes of the country) and any occupied rooms below ground level, Radon levels should be assessed.

Starting with a Radon Risk Assessment (a legal requirement) through the correct placement, retrieval, analysis, reporting (within the Company and/or Regulatory Body), mitigation and continuing monitoring protocols, RPmatters has the experience and is a company with a proven record of providing affordable, detailed, independent advice and (possible most importantly) pragmatic support and to those that need Radon support.

Each project has its own range of complexity therefore should you require advice and support please contact us for further information.

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