What we do

We work with you to reduce exposure from artificial and natural sources and support Best Practice in a cost efficient manner to ensure a safe place of work.

Radiation Protection

We can fulfil all the requirements of a Radiation Protection Advisor. RPmatters has produced (and can produce) Policies and procedures for multinational and smaller companies ensure safe place of work. Prior Radiation Risk Assessments ensure ALL necessary precautions are in place and understood by the work force. Detailed ALARP assessments, dose assessments and shielding calculations are carried out (where required) ensuring compliance with legislation and any dose constraints.


RPmatters has developed dose management programmes for internal use and for high dose projects. We distribute dosimetry across the UK and provide timely reporting to effectively manage workers exposure and enable work in high dose areas to continue.

RP Training

RPmatters have a number of training packages that provide suitable information and advice for employers, managers and employees. From Operative to Radiation Protection Supervisors, from individual to large groups RPmatters have the course and is here to help. Employers and managers have a responsibility to ensure that employees are suitably trained. Equally important employees have a responsibility to understand and follow precautions put in place to ensure safety. The training is tailored to the sector, level of expectation and need of the trainees. Informal but informative the training is a cost effective way of ensuring a safe place of work.


RPmatters has produced Policies and procedures for multinational and smaller companies ensure safe place of work. Document size is kept to a minimum and in plain English. All such paperwork is only effective if the workforce read, understand and agree to work to them.

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